Frequency: 6 issues/year

Position magazine is the only ANZ-wide independent publication for the spatial industries. Position covers the acquisition, manipulation, application and presentation of geo-data in a wide range of industries including agriculture, disaster management, environmental management, local government, utilities, and land-use planning.

It covers the increasing use of geospatial technologies and analysis in decision-making for businesses and government. Technologies addressed include satellite and aerial remote sensing, land and hydrographic surveying, satellite positioning systems, photogrammetry, mobile mapping, and GIS. Position contains news, views, and applications stories, as well as coverage of the latest technologies that interest professionals working with spatial information. It is the official magazine of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute.

Spatial Source is Australia and New Zealand’s first website covering the geospatial, surveying, GIS, and mapping communities. Spatial Source is the only online resource dedicated to covering the latest industry developments, and product, and technology news. Spatial Source also delivers a free bi-weekly e-newsletter. An additional and invaluable resource is the Spatial Source Online Industry Directory, designed specifically for geospatial professionals who are looking for products and services relevant to their work.