Retail Beauty





Retail Beauty is the only authoritative, independent retail beauty business magazine communicating to everyone working in the industry: Through management across all brands, Beauty Advisors (BAs) and non-brand pharmacy BAs, store and pharmacy buyers in Asia Pacific.

Retail Beauty has a total focus on subjects and information that appeal to its readership who work in the retail beauty industry. In every issue 100 pages are devoted to profiles of local and international industry heavyweights, what’s trending now, marketing moves, issues affecting the industry, analysis & insights, staff training and strategies, brand profiles and the latest industry news, peer conversations and launches.

Retail Beauty is published quarterly and its value and reputation in helping the beauty industry keep up-to-date with relevant and trustworthy information, and increase the ability to make money, is unsurpassed.

With a print-run of around 6500 and an estimated readership of 24,800, Retail Beauty reaches some 4500 named Pharmacy Beauty Assistant readers many of whom have requested the magazine.

Editor – Michelle Ruzzene 


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National Advertising Manager – Nicci Herrera